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Who We Are

Echo Team member

Echo Trueman (They/Them)

Board Member: Founder

Echo is a compassionate and determined entrepreneur with a passion for giving back to the community. They are a founder of the nonprofit "School of Life" in Edmonton, which works to empower people through literacy, education, life-skills, and provide resources that support sustainable development for everyone. Echo is passionate about creating tools to achieve success, and they strive to create meaningful connections in work to foster true growth and learning. In their free time, Echo enjoys outdoor activities, exploring new places, and reading. Their greatest joy is spending time with family and friends, especially their two children.

Freyja Team member

Freyja Dawson (Any Pronouns)

Board Member: Event Organiser

Freyja is a passionate event organiser with School of Life, bringing the world’s best ideas to life through meaningful, inspiring experiences. They love to create unforgettable events full of engaging conversations, thought-provoking discussions, and heartfelt connection. With a knack for detail and a commitment to excellence, Freyja strives to put together some of the most meaningful, thoughtful events that bring people together to learn and grow. With her positive attitude and enthusiasm, They're ready to help make the next event a success!

Shannon Team member

Shannon Groenink (She/They)

Board Member: Product Manager

In a world where work often takes precedence over everything else, Shannon is a refreshing change. Her ability to excel both as a business woman and as a family-woman is truly remarkable. However, what sets her apart is her passion for giving back to the community. She is a part of other nonprofits and also volunteers her time whenever possible.

Image by Annie Spratt

Carmen Tourney (She/Her)

Board Member: Fundraising Manager

One of Carmen's most engaging qualities is her ability to make people feel comfortable and connected. She is an excellent listener who can quickly connect with people. Her positivity and enthusiasm always make people feel welcomed. Moreover, her effortless sense of humor and wit make her a joy to be around. Carmen's conversational skills are instrumental in fostering relationships, building communities, and raising funds.

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