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American Sign Language

This program teaches the alphabet, basic phrases, and conversational ASL. Learn about some of the challenges that our deaf and hard-of-hearing community face

Planning Ahead

How do we plan for the future? In this program we look at creating realistic goals for what we want to do in our lives. Whether its tomorrow or 10 years from now.

New Habits

Building new habits is hard. Here we can guide you and encourage you to create and maintain new habits. We focus on repetition, motivation, and support in this program

Building Your Strengths

If you struggle with your self-image, this program is for you. We teach you how you can work with your weaknesses and build your strengths. We cover how and when to ask for help, building self-confidence, ways we are individuals and ways we are community.

Emotional Regulation & Mental Health

Whether you feel you have a good handle on your emotional and mental health, this is a good program to take. It's good to learn your triggers, how to bring yourself back to regulated, and how to recognise when to reach out to supports.

Maintaining Your Home

From daily tasks to monthly cleans. In this program we will teach you ways to make the maintenance of your home a less daunting task

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Cooking & Meal Planning

Sewing & Fashion





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